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Lee Pace joins Ben Foster in Stephen Frears' Untitled Lance Armstrong biopic

Since there is quite a bit of love for Lee Pace here I thought you might want to hear what film he recently signed on to. It's not a fantasy or superhero film but instead a biopic on Lance Armstrong. The yet untitled flick from director Stephen Frears stars Foster in the leading role of the disgraced cyclist, and will follow his "rise to fame and fall from grace, including...
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First Look: Ben Foster as Lance Armstrong in biopic from director Stephen Frears

Here's your second biopic entry for the day. This time we are turning the focus to "disgraced cyclist" Lance Armstrong. "Disgraced cyclist" is a little cliche but I keep thinking to all the tabloid headlines when Armstrong admitted to doping. Ben Foster scored the role of the seven time Tour de France champion. We have our first look at the actor in costume from the untitled Stephen...
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Bradley Cooper hops on Lance Armstrong pic Red Blooded American for director Jay Roach

Bradley Cooper is in negotiations to join RED BLOODED AMERICAN, another in a line of Lance Armstrong biopics. Jay Roach is on board to direct the pic with Cooper possibly producing and starring in one of the two leads; Armstrong or Tyler Hamilton, a former teammate of Armstrong's who outed the defrocked champion. The pic is on the fast track as there are two other Armstrong pics...
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Ben Foster to play Lance Armstrong in Stephen Frears' biopic

Stephen Frears and Working Title now look to be the closest to getting a movie version of Lance Armstrong's rise and fall from grace to the big screen with the casting of Ben Foster as the famed cyclist. Despite Jay Roach and J.J. Abrams working on adaptations of the disgraced Tour de France champion's life, it is DANGEROUS LIASIONS, HIGH FIDELITY, and DIRTY PRETTY THINGS...
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JJ Abrams and Paramount waste no time announcing a Lance Armstrong biopic

Forget vampires or zombies; the latest Hollywood trend is disgraced sports heroes. First Brian De Palma and Al Pacino announce they are making a movie about Joe Paterno and now JJ Abrams is working on a Lance Armstrong biopic. Deadline reports that Paramount and Abrams' Bad Robot will produce a film version of the upcoming book CYCLE OF LIES: THE FALL OF LANCE ARMSTRONG. The...
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