First Look: Ben Foster as Lance Armstrong in biopic from director Stephen Frears

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Here’s your second biopic entry for the day. This time we are turning the focus to “disgraced cyclist” Lance Armstrong. “Disgraced cyclist” is a little cliche but I keep thinking to all the tabloid headlines when Armstrong admitted to doping.

Ben Foster scored the role of the seven time Tour de France champion. We have our first look at the actor in costume from the untitled Stephen Frears film. The studio has slapped the temporary title as “Cycling Project”. At first I thought it was Armstrong in the still until I got a closer look.

Let’s compare the two for fun:

Let’s not shrug this off though. Everyone either says “Oh, it’s too soon” or “Do we need another biopic?”. But you’ve got Frears who has directed films like DANGEROUS LIAISONS, HIGH FIDELITY, THE QUEEN, and TAMARA DREWE. Now add writer John Hodge who is responsible for penning TRANCE, A LIFE LESS ORDINARY, and the adaptation of TRAINSPOTTING. That’s worth a bit of interest, right?

Chris O’Dowd (THE IT CROWD, BRIDESMAIDS) and Jesse Plemons (Todd from BREAKING BAD) are also set to star.

Now let’s remember Ben Foster’s roots by watching the opening of FLASH FORWARD:

Source: Empire

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