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Idris Elba to return for a fifth season of Luther

Idris Elba 's star has risen considerably over the years, with appearances in movies like PROMETHEUS, THOR, PACIFIC RIM, ZOOTOPIA, STAR TREK BEYOND and many others, but to me, the actor will always be DCI John Luther. As I was a little late to finally getting around to watching The Wire, BBC's Luther was my first big exposure to Idris Elba . Obsessive, brilliant, and...
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Idris Elba says that there's a "big chance" Luther could return

If you're looking for a new series to get into and haven't watched BBC's Luther yet, consider this my enthusiastic recommendation. Centering around the incredibly brilliant (aren't they all?) yet unorthodox (again) homicide detective DCI John Luther ( Idris Elba ), the BBC series juggles interesting characters and intriguing mysteries as well as seeing just how close...
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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Star Trek Into Darkness, Homeland, Luther ...

This week: Boldly defending Star Trek: Into Darkness, wondering what happened to Homeland, and stumped over yet another Friday the 13th collection. ► What will it take for people to love a Star Trek movie again? Just wondering, because I walked out of STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS convinced it was the best...
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