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Review: USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

PLOT: Following a top-secret mission to deliver parts of the atomic bomb in the summer of 1945, the USS Indianapolis is sunk by a Japanese sub. The survivors, including Captain Charles McVay ( Nicolas Cage ) are stuck in shark infested waters with little-to-no hope of rescue. REVIEW: Ever since Quint’s monologue in JAWS, the fate of the USS Indianapolis has become one...
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It's Cage vs. Shark in new trailer for USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

You know, of all the Nicolas Cage disasters that have been coming out the last few years (looking at you STOLEN and PAY THE GHOST), this seems like it would be one of his least disastrous. The plot of his new movie USS INDIANAPOLIS: MEN OF COURAGE is actually a good one. It tells the story of the USS Indianapolis that was shot down in open waters by the...
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Review: Peeples

PLOT: Eager to meet his girlfriend Grace's ( Kerry Washington ) family, Wade ( Craig Robinson ) shows up uninvited at a family retreat. He's shocked to discover that not only has Grace's family never heard of him, but that her superior court judge father- Virgil (David Alan Grier) is an imposing patriarch with nothing but contempt for any man that he feels is usurping his...
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Exclusive 1:1 interview with Peeples stars David Alan Grier and S. Epatha Merkerson

To be honest, every time I see S. Epatha Merkerson I think of her tough as nails work as Lieutenant Anita Van Buren from the hit television series “Law and Order.” This is not to say that she isn’t an incredible and diverse actress, but she certainly made an impression on the long running show. Of course, in her latest feature film PEEPLES she proves just how diverse and charming she can...
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Exclusive 1:1 Interview with Peeples Star Craig Robinson and Kerry Washington

One thing that I can truly say about the new comedy PEEPLES is that this “ Tyler Perry presents” has collected an impressive cast. Craig Robinson is one of the funniest actors today while Kerry Washington has proven to be quite the actress in the past few years, recently with DJANGO UNCHAINED and her hit series “Scandal.” When I sat down with these two talents, I have to say that I...
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Craig Robinson and Kerry Washington headline the trailer for Peeples, the first decent looking movie with Tyler Perry's name on it

I have tried watching a few Tyler Perry movies and have not enjoyed a single one. It is not a question of relating to the subject matter but rather the fact that they are not very good movies. I will give Perry credit for being doing everything himself and making a ton of money doing it, but at least when Robert Rodriguez does it, his movies turn out good. This latest movie to...
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