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Jonah Hill thinks the 21 Jump Street/Men in Black crossover won't happen

One of the more interesting tidbits to emerge from the Sony email hack back in 2014 was the revelation that they were considering a crossover between MEN IN BLACK and 21 JUMP STREET. Although it was a crazy albeit potentially interesting idea, I don't know how many people actually expected it to become a reality. Then, somehow, Sony actually began moving forward with the project...
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James Bobin talks challenges of the Men in Black/Jump Street crossover movie

As we learned last month , MUPPETS MOST WANTED director James Bobin has been set by Sony to helm MIB 23, and the filmmaker recently talked a little about the MEN IN BLACK/21 JUMP STREET crossover movie during a conversation with CinemaBlend . Bobin says one of the challenges he faces with the project is combining the tones of the two franchises, but he's quite pleased with the...
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Why It Works: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Why It Works is an ongoing column which breaks down some of the most acclaimed films in history and explores what makes them so iconic, groundbreaking, and memorable. ****SPOILERS AHEAD**** While I'm sure we'd all like to see what an Edgar Wright -directed ANT-MAN would have looked like, the selfish part of me was a little relieved when he left the film....
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Men in Black/Jump Street crossover moving ahead at Sony with a new title

When the end credits of 22 JUMP STREET rolled, I'm sure most of us wondered how in the hell they could do a sequel following that madness. I mean, would they just roll with whatever plot was already stated, or do their own thing? It's been rumored for a while now that the Jump Street team might meet the Men in Black. Last month we heard that this was the real deal, and now we...
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Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt teaming up for musical comedy

You can't stop those song-and-dance men. You can only hope to contain them, and, by contain them, I mean hope they team up and make something fantastic together. That's what we have our fingers crossed to get as news spreads that Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are partnering up for an R-rated musical comedy featuring a pair of pilots. Universal managed to score the...
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Archer goes P.I. in the promo for season 7

For those of you who enjoyed Archer mixing things up in the 5th season with Archer Vice, it looks like the gang is going down a different road again. This time, they're going into the P.I. business! The promo for season 7 has hit and follows the opening credits of Magnum P.I. pretty closely. Well, up until the end. Take a look for yourself and see if this gives you your H. Jon Benjamin...
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Phil Lord & Chris Miller will probably only produce 23 Jump Street

Phil Lord and Chris Miller have a few projects in the works, which has led to some wondering if they will be back for 23 JUMP STREET. Miller provided an update on the 22 JUMP STREET follow-up during an interview with Slash Film at the Fox day for the Television Critics Association summer press tour (he was there representing The Last Man on Earth), and Miller says although he and...
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Bob's Burgers writers to pen female 21 Jump Street spinoff script

In April we brought you word that Sony had hired Broad Street scribes Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs for its female-led 21 JUMP STREET spinoff, however they won't be the only ones working on a script for the project. THR has learned Bob's Burger writers and producers Lizzie and Wendy Molyneux have also been tapped to pen a separate script for the spinoff. The sisters...
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That rumored Men in Black/21 Jump Street movie is really happening

Looks like the sequel to 22 JUMP STREET is going to spoof shared movie universes as The Wrap has confirmed that Sony is moving forward with a crossover between the Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum buddy cop series and the scifi comedy MEN IN BLACK. This news comes on the heels of the reveal that the studio is working on a female-centric spin-off of 22 JUMP STREET. The JUMP...
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Broad City scribes reportedly tapped to write female 21 Jump Street spinoff

Tracking Board is reporting that Sony is developing a female-led 21 JUMP STREET spinoff, and Broad City writers Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs have been hired to write the script. Aniello also directed several episodes of the Comedy Central series, and Downs has appeared on it as Abbi's boss, Trey. The duo also wrote and directed the short films Emmy Training Day and Life...
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Director Chris Miller talks Jump Street/Men in Black crossover movie

Chris Miller didn't rule out merging the JUMP STREET franchise with the MEN IN BLACK universe for 23 JUMP STREET after it was leaked that Sony was considering the idea, but the question is will it actually happen? It just might be crazy enough of an idea to work, and during an interview with Coming Soon , Miller again says there could be a JUMP STREET and MEN IN BLACK...
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Phil Lord and Chris Miller say Jump Street/Men in Black crossover may happen

Remember last month when the Sony email hacks revealed that the studio had the insane idea to crossover the 22 JUMP STREET and MEN IN BLACK franchises? Yeah, we laughed and figured the suits at the studio were drinking during lunch and reading too much fan fiction, but it may not be a completely insane idea. In an interview with MTV , writer/directors Phil Lord and Chris...
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