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Top 10 Coolest Movie Titles of All Time

ONLY GOD FORGIVES opens in limited release today which got me thinking about how awesome of a movie title that is. Simple and yet incredibly complex, movie titles can convey a hell of a lot. So, with that in mind, here are my picks for the ten coolest movie titles in history. Some are simple, some are funny, and others are downright bold. If your favorite didn't make the list, feel free to...
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Review: Only God Forgives

PLOT: Julian ( Ryan Gosling ) is a drug-runner living in Thailand, who operates under the guise of being a Muay Thai fight club operator. When his sadistic brother rapes and murders an underage prostitute, and is killed by the girl's father under the guidance of  legendary local cop Lt. Chang (Vithaya Pansringarm)-,the “angel of death”- Julian's mother Crystal ( Kristin Scott Thomas...
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Exclusive 1:1 Interview with Only God Forgives director Nicolas Winding Refn!

As a long-time fan of Nicolas Winding Refn , I always look forward to his upcoming feature films. From DRIVE to BRONSON and VALHALLA RISING as well, his work is always interesting. Of course the same can be said for his latest feature, ONLY GOD FORGIVES. The film feels in many ways like an ode to David Lynch and features his DRIVE star Ryan Gosling as well as Kristin Scott Thomas in...
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Nicolas Winding Refn says he plans on shooting a sequel to Valhalla Rising with Mads Mikkelsen

VALHALLA RISING is not for everyone. Hell, Nicolas Winding Refn isn't for everyone. That said, if you are a fan of either (or both), then this news may speak to you. Refn, speaking to Indiewire, indicated that he had spoken to VALHALLA RISING's star Mads Mikkelsen about the film, saying it was: "about revisiting the [One-Eye] character from ‘Valhalla...
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Ryan Gosling must protect his mother in the latest trailer for Only God Forgives

With ONLY GOD FORGIVES getting booed at Cannes and panned by many who have already seen it, what did they expect that to do for interest in the movie? I saw several people that weren't originally too hip to checking it out then suddenly wanting to see what all the fuss was about. Boos create buzz. Very soon everyone will get to see another Nicolas Winding Refn-Gosling effort. Does...
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This NSFW clip from Only God Forgives is the reason never to introduce your girlfriend to Kristin Scott Thomas

Despite not making it to the premiere of ONLY GOD FORGIVES at the Cannes Film Festival, Ryan Gosling is certainly living up to the expectations from fans and critics regarding his follow up collaboration with DRIVE director Nicolas Winding Refn. Some are saying the film is too violent while others are praising it. Whatever the case, ONLY GOD FORGIVES is definitely buzzing around the...
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Nicolas Winding-Refn says Only God Forgives is about "a man who wants to fight God"

Nicolas Winding-Refn is an interesting filmmaker and certainly not one that appeals to all tastes. His previous works, BRONSON, VALHALLA RISING, and DRIVE have divided audience into mostly love/hate groups and his next features, ONLY GOD FORGIVES, is likely to do the same. Winding-Refn has a distinct vision and his work is exceptionally metaphoric, which he expands on in a director's...
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Ryan Gosling shirtless and Nicolas Winding Refn compares violence to sex in this Only God Forgives featurette

ONLY GOD FORGIVES has given us some fantastic trailers and a few intriguing clips and now we have a brief featurette that focuses on the violence that is central to the plot of the movie. In fact, director Nicolas Winding Refn goes as far as to compare violence and sex, something Ryan Gosling makes a face at to the camera. But, it is very true. There are primal instincts in human...
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First three clips from Nicolas Winding Refn's Only God Forgives with Ryan Gosling and Kristin Scott Thomas

If there's one summer movie that is sure to get plenty of buzz but won't be a huge box office draw it's ONLY GOD FORGIVES. The film from DRIVE and BRONSON director Nicolas Winding Refn is going to premiere at this year's Cannes Film Festival and to help build excitement for the film three clips have recently been released at Cine Republic and The Playlist. The first clips for the...
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Here is a new poster and a bunch of new photos from Only God Forgives

As a big fan of DRIVE, I am highly anticipating seeing Nicolas Winding Refn reteam with Ryan Gosling . Just watching the trailer for ONLY GOD FORGIVES makes me anticipate the film a hundred times more. Everything from the visual style to the music selection fits together perfectly. Gosling's role looks to be a lot more verbal in this film than it did in DRIVE, but still moody and...
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Two new international trailers for Nicolas Winding Refn's Only God Forgives have arrived

Yesterday, we showed you the new poster for Nicolas Winding Refn's ONLY GOD FORGIVES and today we have two new international trailers to share, featuring quite a few NSFW bits. The film stars Ryan Gosling , Kristen Scott Thomas, and Vithaya Pansringarm who are entwined with one another through revenge and duty. It's the second pairing of Gosling and Winding Refn and it looks every bit as...
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The devil is in the details on this new poster for Only God Forgives

Maybe there were a few people who weren't totally sold on the first trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn's ONLY GOD FORGIVES. For those who didn't dig it, what was it that underwhelmed you? Were you already not a fan of Refn's work? Did the trailer not give you enough? Just wondering here. Regardless of whether you are on board for this or not, you have to admit the first poster is...
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