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Review: Almost Christmas

PLOT : After the death of their mother, a dysfunctional family tries to get along on the first Christmas without her. REVIEW : It’s not even Thanksgiving and we already have our first yuletide family comedy in theatres, and it’s about what you’d expect. ALMOST CHRISTMAS features an all-star cast and a ton of holiday music with a huge helping of sentimental humor...
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Weekend Box Office Report: June 20-22, 2014

Think Too gets the jump on 22! Comedy was the preferred option at theaters this weekend, and the sequel THINK LIKE A MAN TOO got the last laugh with an opening of  $30 million ! Star Kevin Hart continues to prove his worth at the box office with his third 2014 release, after RIDE ALONG ($134 million on a $25 million budget) and the remake of...
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Review: Think Like a Man Too

PLOT: The sequel to the successful film inspired by Steve Harvey 's book, the couples from the last one are back, this time planning a wedding in Las Vegas and getting into trouble. REVIEW: PG-13-rated fun in Las Vegas can only go so far, as THINK LIKE A MAN TOO proves time and time again. A toothless comedy aiming to barely break even on the entertainment budget, the film...
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Trailer for Think Like A Man Too with Kevin Hart takes the party to Vegas

Get ready for another Vegas comedy! I don't know how many stories are left to tell in Vegas, but Hollywood continues to find them, even if it's just more of the same. This time the backdrop of sin city is being used for THINK LIKE A MAN TOO, a sequel to the 2012 breakout hit, THINK LIKE A MAN. Starring Kevin Hart , Michael Ealy , Meagan Good , Romany Malco , Regina...
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Review: Last Vegas

PLOT: Four old friends (Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman & Kevin Kline) reunite for a weekend in Las Vegas when one of them (Douglas) decides to marry his much-younger girlfriend. REVIEW: The pitch for LAST VEGAS must have been something along the lines of “THE HANGOVER for old guys” although by looking at the combined CV’s the four stars, they may just as...
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New trailer for Last Vegas starring Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Kevin Kline, and Morgan Freeman

Well, they may not like being compared to THE HANGOVER, but I don't think that's such a terrible thing for LAST VEGAS, which features old-school stars Michael Douglas , Robert De Niro , Kevin Kline , and Morgan Freeman as four best friends who head to Sin City for a bachelor party that brings out more than they bargained for. In fact, it may work in their favor as the high concept...
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Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Kevin Kline, and Michael Douglas give it one last try in the final trailer for Last Vegas

Here's something you won't be seeing at Comic-Con. The final trailer for LAST VEGAS starring Michael Douglas , Robert De Niro , Kevin Kline , and Morgan Freeman is attempting to hit us in the funny bone, but sadly all it does is hurt. What you get here is another batch of corny jokes that keep the four great actors here from truly shining. I get the dynamics. I've seen...
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The trailer for Last Vegas looks like a geriatric take on The Hangover

Seeing the phrase Academy Award Winner in front of the names of four respectable actors should instill more confidence than the trailer for LAST VEGAS does. You have Robert De Niro , Michael Douglas , Kevin Kline , and Morgan Freeman headlining a movie together and yet it is hard to do more than be wary that this is going to be a golden years take on THE HANGOVER. LAST VEGAS...
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