Trailer for Think Like A Man Too with Kevin Hart takes the party to Vegas

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Get ready for another Vegas comedy!

I don't know how many stories are left to tell in Vegas, but Hollywood continues to find them, even if it's just more of the same. This time the backdrop of sin city is being used for THINK LIKE A MAN TOO, a sequel to the 2012 breakout hit, THINK LIKE A MAN. Starring Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Meagan Good, Romany Malco, Regina Hall, Terrence Jenkins, Gabrielle Union, and Jerry Ferrara, the ensemble comedy looks to recapture the magic of the original and make a franchise of it. With Hart's recent success in RIDE ALONG and generally popping up everywhere, this one may find its box office footing as well.

Take a look:

Here's the synopsis:

All the couples are back for a wedding in Las Vegas, but plans for a romantic weekend go awry when their various misadventures get them into some compromising situations that threaten to derail the big event

Comedies like this aren't my usual cup of tea, but that doesn't mean it couldn't work for the intended audience. Kevin Hart has grown on me in the last few years and his stand up is pretty funny. Meagan Good was great in ANCHORMAN: THE LEGEND CONTINUES, so I'm happy to see more of her on the big screen as well. All that said, the whole thing looks pretty silly, but perhaps that's the point and I'm just not getting it. Either way, this is a perfectly harmless release that may cause some respite from the upcoming mayhem of summer blockbusters.

THINK LIKE A MAN TOO hits theaters on June 20, 2014.

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