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Monty Python messes with Simon Pegg in the trailer for Absolutely Anything

When you think of Monty Python, odds are you immediately think of quotes from any of their films or the iconic sketches from their television series. They are one of the most influential comedy troupes of all time and we only have four films to their credit. While ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING may not be a formal Monty Python project, it was written and directed by Terry Jones and features the...
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New images from Monty Python's Absolutely Anything featuring Simon Pegg

It's a little hard not to be excited for the upcoming sci-fi comedy ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. Directed by Terry Jones from a script he wrote with Gavin Scott , the film follows a high school teacher named Neil ( Simon Pegg ) who suddenly discovers he has the ability to do anything he wants. Monty Python members Jones, John Cleese , Eric Idle , Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin...
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Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Terry Gilliam talks The Zero Theorem

What a pleasure it is talking to Terry Gilliam . Not only he one of the founding members of Monty Python - a troupe I love more than words can describe - but this is the man who directed TIME BANDITS, BRAZIL, FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS and 12 MONKEYS. It's also not every day you get to meet a bona fide cinematic genius - who just happens to be a hell of a nice guy. I could have...
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Review: The Zero Theorem

This was originally reviewed as part of our Fantasia 2014 coverage. PLOT: Qohen Leth ( Christoph Waltz ) – a chronically reclusive number cruncher – is assigned by his mysterious boss “Management” to work on “The Zero Theorem” an unprovable mathematical theory that has the unfortunate side effect of turning anyone who works on it...
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Will Terry Gilliam finally shoot his Don Quixote flick this winter?

Terry Gilliam has been trying to get a Don Quixote film made for about as long as I can remember. He came close with Johnny Depp back in the late 90s before things fell through, and the details of that struggle were chronicled in the documentary LOST IN LA MANCHA. Now it seems as Gilliam is going to give it another go after Christmas of this year, although the story has become...
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Stunning new trailer for The Zero Theorem starring Christoph Waltz

I've been cautiously holding my breath when it comes to Terry Gilliam 's latest effort, THE ZERO THEOREM. We know by now that if it's a Gilliam project, it has the likelihood to never see the light of day (THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE) or be a crushing disappointment ( THE BROTHERS GRIMM ). So color me delighted to see a fantastic new trailer for the upcoming movie that...
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Terry Gilliam's The Zero Theorem gets a release date & trippy new poster

A new poster for Terry Gilliam 's THE ZERO THEOREM has landed online over at The Playlist, and they are calling it an "alternate" poster since you probably won't see it hanging up in theaters. Why? Well, Christoph Waltz 's ass is fully exposed in the poster, and we all know how the MPAA feels about posters that have even a hint of nudity. Deleted scene...
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The Zero Theorem international trailer teases the Church of Batman

While we still wait for an official release date for Terry Gilliam ’s THE ZERO THEOREM (the film’s official website says "Summer 2014") we are still being treated to fantastic trailers full of powerful visuals and what looks like another great performance by Christoph Waltz . We have the international trailer to remind us the movie is still alive; so...
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Will John Hurt star in Terry Gilliam's The Man Who Killed Don Quixote?

Robert Duvall has been attached to star in Terry Gilliam 's THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE for a long time , but the director may have found a new lead for his forever in development project. John Hurt was at the Derby Film Festival this weekend, and apparently revealed Terry Gilliam "has asked John to star as Don Quixote in the long-delayed, oft-cancelled...
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New trailer for Terry Gilliam's The Zero Theorem is crazy sci-fi perfection

Last year, we shared the first look at the trailer to Terry Gilliam 's latest film, THE ZERO THEOREM. The footage was promptly taken down only to reappear now, virtually unchanged. This time, the trailer was posted on what looks like the official site for the film. THE ZERO THEOREM premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year and yet has no release date set for North America....
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First clip from Terry Gilliam's The Zero Theorem with Christoph Waltz

Do you know how pissed off I was when the trailer for THE ZERO THEOREM was pulled before I got a chance to see it? "Hulk smash!" doesn't even come close to the level of rage I felt when I clicked on the link and instead of an awesome trailer got the dreaded "removed at the request of the producers." The poster and images are great, but I've been wanting to see how the film looks in...
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Terry Gilliam shares more background on The Zero Theorem plus four new images

Director Terry Gilliam 's THE ZERO THEOREM is opening at film festivals this week and on the heels of his director's statement comes four new images and more information about the film courtesy of Entertainment Weekly . The images illuminate the crazy futuristic society from THE ZERO THEOREM and give us some new looks at Christoph Waltz and David Thewlis as they navigate this...
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