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JoBlo's Weekly Round-Up of its original YouTube videos!

With our JOBLO YOUTUBE CHANNEL growing by leaps and bounds every week, we thought it might be a good idea to put together this weekly list, every Friday afternoon, in order to give our readers a one-stop article in which you can see all of the latest videos we've been creating over there! Ideally, anyone interested in our own video creations or the 1000s of movie...
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Do you want to create cool movie-related videos for the JoBlo Movie Network?

By now, you must have heard about the blistering success of the JoBlo YouTube channel , which recently surpassed the 600,000,000 views mark and is slowly (but surely) looking to break the BILLION view mark by early 2015! To that end, the JoBlo Movie Network is looking for video creators who can help us create cool original ongoing "video shows" for our YouTube channel and our...
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JoBlo YouTube channel surpasses 500,000,000 views and cracks the top 250!

Despite our site being founded in 1998 after I had just graduated from college and couldn't "find a real job", it wasn't until June 2011 that we were able to get our official YouTube channel up and running (now called JOBLO MOVIE TRAILERS ), and boy has it ever been successful since then! Admitedly, even we have been extremely surprised/impressed by the number of...
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Why I Love Movies - Chapter I

Why do I love movies? Well, that is a loaded question. How much time do you have? I could go into a long-winded diatribe about the art of film-making or the magic of the movies, but all of that has been said countless times before. Not every movie is a masterpiece, but every film has touched me in one way or another. Every other week, we will look at a handful of reasons why movies...
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Cool Videos: These supercuts assemble the greatest dance scenes from movie history

It is Friday and you ain't got sh*t to do so why not enjoy these awesomely edited compilations of the greatest dance moments from movie history. Now, you could easily spend the duration of these videos showcasing big performances from musicals, but that wouldn't be very fun. No, these two supercuts compile the best "dancing" moments from movie history. Think the ecstasy-fueled dance...
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