A young girl gets a sick birthday surprise in the horror short Wax!

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Hey all! This week's horror short as part of our ongoing horror short film showcase on our original cotent YouTube channel JOBLO HORROR VIDEOS, is Writer Director Joshua T. Wagner's spooky little ditty WAX which stars Anya- Alexis Yordon, Marcus Baker, Gabrielle Archambault, Quentin Brooks and Ben Beckel. Gut the embed above to take a gander! WAX tells the sordid tale of:

On the night of her birthday, a young lady comes home to an unwelcome surprise- wax figures. As she tries to figure out if this stunt is more of a bizarre joke or if it has more devious intentions, we realize that not all the figures are fake.

Here's what Joshua had to say as to how the short came about!

"Wax has been an idea percolating for over ten years. The original inspiration came from watching the 2005 remake House of Wax and recalling a scene where two main characters were walking through a room filled with wax figures. I remember thinking how creepy would it be if one of those out of focus wax figures moved. From there, I drew inspiration from Psycho and Halloween, and put together a short that I am extremely proud of. Anya's about to come home to one hell of a birthday surprise."

The Director of Photography on the film was Juan Soto, the Special Effects Makeup were created by Riley Nightingall while the Wax Title Sequence was whipped up by Kevin Coshin. You can follow writer/director Joshua T. Wagner on INSTAGRAM HERE. You can scroll down to see our other featured horror shorts below!


Source: Arrow the Head

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