The international trailer for Wax is here to haunt you

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

WAX is Victor Matellano’s first feature film. Geraldine Chaplin, Jimmy Shaw and American veteran of Spanish genre cinema Jack Taylor (THE NINTH GATE) all star in this old style horror film set in a wax museum and which mixes found footage with conventional cinematography. You can watch the teaser trailer below.

The story was penned by Hugo Stuven Casasnovas and Matellano. The plot sings like this:

“A TV producer (Geraldine Chaplin) hires a young reporter (Jimmy Shaw), to spend a night alone in a reputedly haunted wax museum. He’s there to film everything that takes place during the night, paying particular attention to a wax figure of Dr. Knox (Jack Taylor), a surgeon infamous for performing savage experiments with human flesh and blood. The intrepid investigator soon realizes that he is not alone….”

Matellano’s trying to blend horror with suspense in a homage to classic horror movies and in particular to the figure of Vincent Price (actually Jack Taylor looks a lot like Price) in André de Toth’s 1953 shocker HOUSE OF WAX. The director says that “Wax museums have been connected to horror since the very beginning…Madame Tussauds took casts from the faces of guillotine victims such as Robespierre.”

WAX is produced by Old Cinema Project and it will visit theaters this year.

Source: Aullidos

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