Longlegs: New teaser shows off Nicolas Cage’s exceptionally creepy character (SPOILERS)

A new teaser for Osgood Perkins’ Longlegs shows off the exceptionally creepy character played by Nicolas Cage, but be mindful of spoilers.

Longlegs, Nicolas Cage, teaser

SPOILER WARNING! In an age where trailers can spoil just about everything a movie has to offer, the marketing campaign for Longlegs has actually been very refreshing. That said, if you’d like to keep the Longlegs mystery alive, particularly when it comes to the character played by Nicolas Cage, I’d recommend opting out of watching this latest teaser.

Since those first few cryptic teasers, we have learned more about Longlegs, but there still feels like so much left to discover. A new short teaser for the upcoming horror thriller has been released, offering a couple of fleeting glimpses of Cage’s creepy serial killer character.

Nicolas Cage, Longlegs
Nicolas Cage, Longlegs

Directed and written by Osgood Perkins (I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House), Longlegs stars Maika Monroe as FBI Agent Lee Harker, “a gifted new recruit assigned to the unsolved case of an elusive serial killer (Cage). As the case takes complex turns, unearthing evidence of the occult, Harker discovers a personal connection to the merciless killer and must race against time to stop him before he claims the lives of another innocent family.” In addition to Maika Monroe and Nicolas Cage, Longlegs also stars Alicia Witt (Urban Legend), Blair Underwood (LA Law), and Kiernan Shipka (Mad Men). The film is said to be “in the vein of classic Hollywood psychological thrillers.

While speaking with horror icon John Carpenter, Cage has teased that the film is “about a character who’s hearing voices. It’s kind of like a possessed Geppetto, who’s making these dolls…” Cage can always be counted upon to bring his A-game with every performance, but this looks to be something very different, and I can’t wait to see what he will bring to this twisted serial killer.

The first reactions to Longlegs emerged last month and were extremely positive, with some calling it the scariest movie of the year and a contemporary Silence of the Lambs with excellent performances from everyone involved. It sounds like exactly the type of film that is going to get under your skin in the best way—creepy, unsettling, disturbing—just what we need. Longlegs will be released on July 12th.

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