Alex Russell’s body parts turn against him in Attach

Last Updated on July 21, 2021

Carrie Alex Russell

Back in 1991, Eric Red directed a film called BODY PARTS, which was about a man who receives an arm transplant and discovers that his new limb has a mind of it own – a homicidal mind, because it used to belong to a serial killer. 

Writer/director Chris Gorak's sci-fi thriller ATTACH has no official connection to BODY PARTS, but when I read the synopsis Red's film instantly came to mind. This sounds like a hi-tech update on the concept of BODY PARTS: 

The story follows star athlete Daniel Townsend, who undergoes an experimental surgery that permanently attaches a cutting-edge bionic arm and leg to his body after he loses his own in a car accident. But when he realizes the advanced intelligent prosthetics may have a destructive mind of their own, Daniel’s rehabilitation quickly transforms into a desperate fight to save himself and everyone around him.

This could also be seen as a horrific take on The Six Million Dollar Man.

Alex Russell of CHRONICLE and the 2013 CARRIE remake (pictured) has signed on to play the athlete with the destructive prosthetics. 

ATTACH is being produced by Adam Schroeder of Adam Schroeder Entertainment and Rob Paris of Paris Film, Inc.

Having gotten his start working on such films as TOMBSTONE, FIGHT CLUB, and BLADE: TRINITY as an art director and production designer, Gorak previously directed RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR and THE DARKEST HOUR.

Carrie Alex Russell Portia Doubleday

Russell in CARRIE with Portia Doubleday

Source: THR

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