An Unquiet Grave: Shudder horror film comes to DVD in January

Shudder acquisitions often end up getting a DVD release from RLJE Films, and such is the case with director Terence Krey’s horror film An Unquiet Grave. Released through the Shudder streaming service back in June, An Unquiet Grave is now set to reach VOD, Digital HD, and DVD courtesy of RLJE Films on January 18, 2022. So if you don’t have Shudder, here’s your chance to check it out. If you watched it on Shudder and enjoyed it so much that you wanted to officially add it to your collection, now you’ll be able to.

An Unquiet Grave stars Jacob A. Ware and Christine Nyland, who also wrote the screenplay with Krey. The film is a “two-hander”, with Ware and Nyland being the only actors on the cast list.

Here’s the synopsis: 

A year after losing his wife in a car crash, Jamie convinces her sister, Ava, to return with him to the site of the accident and help him perform a strange ritual. But as the night wears on, it becomes clear that he has darker intentions. An Unquiet Grave is an exploration of grief, and the harm we cause when we don’t take responsibility for our own healing.

The DVD bonus features will include:

– Filmmaker Commentary

– Lyric Video of “The Unquiet Grave” by Vanessa Cuccia

– Interviews with the Cast and Director

An Unquiet Grave Special Effects

– Nightstream World Premiere Q&A

This is the feature directorial debut of Krey, who previously directed short films and a 21 episode series called Graves – which happened to have both Ware and Nyland in the cast.

Ware has also been in episodes of Boardwalk Empire, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Gotham. Nyland was in Aimy in a Cage, Worthless, and The Garden Left Behind, and wrote and directed a project called Wrinkles & Sprinkles: The Animated Series.

I remember being intrigued by An Unquiet Grave in June, but then I completely blanked on it and forgot to watch it. I’ll have to finally get around to it soon.

An Unquiet Grave
Source: Arrow in the Head

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