Apartment 7A: Dianne Wiest joins Julia Garner in Natalie Erika James, Platinum Dunes thriller

A couple months ago, we shared the news that Julia Garner of Ozark and Inventing Anna had signed on to star in Apartment 7A, a psychological thriller that Relic (watch it HERE) director Natalie Erika James is helming for Paramount Players and A Quiet Place collaborators Platinum Dunes and John Krasinski. Now Deadline has revealed that Garner is being joined in the cast by Dianne Wiest. Wiest has more than forty-five years of credits to her name. She won Oscars for her roles in the films Hannah and Her Sisters and Bullets Over Broadway, and is best known to horror fans for playing the mom in The Lost Boys.

Paramount Players and Platinum Dunes are keeping Apartment 7A shrouded in secrecy. Not only do we not know anything about the characters Garner and Wiest will be playing, but they also haven’t shared any plot details. All we know about the movie is who’s making it and that it’s a psychological thriller.

This project started out with an original screenplay written by Skylar James. Natalie Erika James and Christian White, who wrote the script for her feature debut Relic with her, have performed their own rewrite of the script since coming on board last year. Skylar James was a writer on the comedic Netflix series The Green Beret’s Guide to the Apocalypse, which was executive produced by Matt Damon and has never been released despite wrapping production in 2018.

Krasinski will be producing Apartment 7A with Allyson Seeger through their company Sunday Night Productions, while Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller are producing through Platinum Dunes. Alexa Ginsburg will be overseeing the project for Sunday Night Productions, while Alex Ginno does the same for Platinum Dunes.

At this point, you can only gauge your interest in this movie based on how much you trust the people named to put out a good thriller. Whatever this project is about, it seems promising to me.

Source: Deadline

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