Blu-ray/DVD Release Dates: February & March 2016!

Last Updated on July 22, 2021

January ’16 is in the books, so it’s now time to look forward at what’s in store for horror Blu-rays and DVDs at the end of winter/beginning of spring! February brings us the second season of From Dusk Till Dawn, Bernard Rose’s take on  FRANKENSTEIN (which I’m pretty curious about), and the exquisitely-titled THE SINFUL DWARF! Meanwhile, March – and Spring, god bless it – sends us the 80s trash classic  PIECES, the semi-forgotten 90s slasher  CHERRY FALLS, and my personal favorite Chuck Norris movie,  INVASION U.S.A!

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From Dusk Till Dawn’s Eiza Gonzalez

Source: Arrow in the Head

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