Christopher Landon’s Half to Death scares up Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Half to Death Christopher Landon Jessica Rothe Israel Broussard

Last week we reported that the long-gestating horror flick HALF TO DEATH might be in the process of resurrection thanks to Blumhouse and director Christopher Landon. Well, all signs seem to be pointing to yes. Our biggest clue? They're actively casting the movie. I'd call that a confirmation.

Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard have just joined the project, which Landon co-wrote with Scott Lobdel. Rothe, who stars in the MTV series Mary + Jane and will soon be appearing in LA LA LAND and the behind-the-scenes THE ROOM comedy THE DISASTER ARTIST, will be playing "a woman who’s trapped in a vicious cycle of death and must solve the mystery of her own murder before her chances run out."

Broussard, who has held roles on Fear the Walking Dead, THE BLING RING, and EARTH TO ECHO, plays her closest confidante.

Here is the synopsis of the film from when it was previously in development:

A young college freshman named Teresa is troubled by when she discovers she is living the same day over and over again, one that starts out innocently enough but always ends with her brutal murder by an unknown attacker. Could the murdered be her boyfriend Gregory, who is also sleeping with Teresa's roommate Lori? Or could it be Lori, who is ferociously envious that Gregory might like Teresa more? Maybe it is one of Teresa's classmates, unable to get her attention? Perhaps one of her professors, who cannot consummate their passion for their top student? Or perhaps it's some secret Skull & Bones-type society, who picked Teresa for no good reason to be their ritualistic sacrifice? It's like "Single White Female" meets "Groundhog's Day" meets "Captivity," and certain to be just as terrifying.

HALF TO DEATH may start production in Georgia as early as November. Jason Blum is producing with Angela Mancuso and John Baldecchi.

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Source: Variety

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