Blumhouse might have rescued Half to Death from development hell

Christopher Landon

Does anyone remember the horror project HALF TO DEATH? Way back in 2007, we reported that it was going to be produced by Platinum Dunes for Rogue Pictures, with Finnish director Antti Jokinen (THE RESIDENT) set to take the helm and Megan Fox, straight off of TRANSFORMERS, signed on to star. The synopsis that was provided at the time went like this:

A young college freshman named Teresa is troubled by when she discovers she is living the same day over and over again, one that starts out innocently enough but always ends with her brutal murder by an unknown attacker. Could the murdered be her boyfriend Gregory, who is also sleeping with Teresa's roommate Lori? Or could it be Lori, who is ferociously envious that Gregory might like Teresa more? Maybe it is one of Teresa's classmates, unable to get her attention? Perhaps one of her professors, who cannot consummate their passion for their top student? Or perhaps it's some secret Skull & Bones-type society, who picked Teresa for no good reason to be their ritualistic sacrifice? It's like "Single White Female" meets "Groundhog's Day" meets "Captivity," and certain to be just as terrifying.

For some reason, the Dunes/Rogue/Jokinen/Fox iteration of the project never made it into production. But now, nine years later, there is some indication that HALF TO DEATH is finally moving forward as a Blumhouse Productions/Universal Pictures joint.

According to Film New Orleans, HALF TO DEATH is scheduled to begin filming in the city on November 7th, and it appears that Christopher Landon (pictured above; PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES, SCOUTS GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE) will be directing from a screenplay he wrote with comic book scribe Scott Lobdell.

Megan Fox is almost certainly no longer involved, so we'll update you when information on the cast is revealed and/or when there's confirmation that HALF TO DEATH is indeed still alive after all this time.

Megan Fox


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