Cool Horror Videos: Kubrick’s The Shining in 8-bit form

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Stanley Kubrick's THE SHINING is the very definition of a horror classic. More than three decades after its release people stil cite it as one of their favorite horror films. Not only that, but the film and its legacy has been the inspiration for countless other films, spoofs, comics, documentaries, etc. It's not uncommon to see someone sporting a cool THE SHINING T-shirt. There are references to the film and its characters in all forms of pop culture. You might as well face it…you can't escape this classic film. Who would want to, anyway?

Today we have a Cool Horror Video for ya to check out that takes Kubrick's 1980 classic and gives it the 8-Bit Cinema treatment. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a THE SHINING game to really exist on my old Atari system!

Source: Arrow In The Head

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