Cult of Chucky on Netflix not unrated cut & doesn’t have post-credits scene

Last Updated on July 30, 2021


First off, let me just give a big thank you to John over at B-D for pointing this out. Many a horror fan may have REALLY missed out this weekend if not for his sharp eyes. That said, as we all know by now I'm sure, Don Mancini's new CHILD'S PLAY sequel just hit Netflix this morning.

I remember thinking this was an odd choice as CULT OF CHUCKY was also released on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD today, but what do I know? Evidently, more than I thought as the Netflix release comes with a catch. TWO catches actually…

First off, yes, CULT OF CHUCKY on Netflix is NOT the unrated cut.

This means you'll be missing out on some cool shite. And if that wasn't enough to get you to spring for the Blu-ray/DVD then maybe this will do the trick – Netflix doesn't have the (awesome) post-credits scene!

NOTE: Now I kinda hate to point this post-credits sequence out, being that it kinda spoils the complete surprise that the film has a post-credits sequence. But all the same, by this point, we can all assume every flick comes with a post-credits scene. Also, don't hate for spoiling the presence of a post scene (I'll never tell).

Anyhow, just be a true fan and buy the flick on Blu-ray, DVD, or VOD and spare yourself the trouble!

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Source: B-D

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