David S. Goyer to write & produce dark and visceral Hellraiser reboot

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

We've been teased with a remake/reboot of Clive Barker's HELLRAISER for what seems like decades now, and today is no different as today we have word that THE DARK KNIGHT and BLADE screenwriter David S. Goyer is onboard for a “loyal, yet evolved reimagining” of the 1987 original featuring the character Pinhead. The revival treatment is coming to us via Gary Barber’s Spyglass Media Group who says:

Clive and I go back more than 30 years together. For generations, his brilliantly twisted and imaginative ‘Hellraiser’ haunted the minds of moviegoers with its searing imagery of Pinhead. David is the perfect storyteller to continue Clive’s vision for a new theatrical version of ‘Hellraiser.’ 

Goyer, who is on board to produce and pen the script, added:

I've been a fan of Clive’s work since the original Books of Blood paperbacks and ‘The Hellbound Heart’ novella. Having the chance to reimagine Pinhead and the Cenobites for a new audience is a nightmare-come-true. Gary is a true fan as well and we’re committed to making something dark and visceral.

Something dark and visceral you say, Goyer? Sounds good to me. Again, I hate to be a pessimist here, but this isn't the first time we've heard word on a reboot of HELLRAISER. I believe this is actually happening when I see the trailer. Until then, remember that the original film centered on:

Sexual deviant Frank (Sean Chapman) inadvertently opens a portal to hell when he tinkers with a box he bought while abroad. The act unleashes gruesome beings called Cenobites, who tear Frank's body apart. When Frank's brother (Andrew Robinson) and his wife, Julia (Clare Higgins), move into Frank's old house, they accidentally bring what is left of Frank back to life. Frank then convinces Julia, his one-time lover, to lure men back to the house so he can use their blood to reconstruct himself.

Spyglass will finance, develop, and fast track the film for worldwide theatrical distribution. Keith Levine will serve as a producer alongside Goyer, under the Phantom Four banner. Chris Stone will oversee the project for Spylass.

Source: Variety

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