Director Gary Tunnicliffe promises screwed-up scenes in Hellraiser: Judgment

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Hellraiser: Judgment Paul T. Taylor Gary Tunnicliffe

Nearly two years ago, Dimension Films put a new HELLRAISER film into production in an effort to retain the rights to the Clive Barker-created property. Special effects artist Gary Tunnicliffe, who has been involved with the franchise for over twenty years, wrote and directed the film, which is titled HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT and stars Paul T. Taylor as the iconic Pinhead.

There have been rumors here and there about when we might see HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT, but there has never been a solid release date announced. Some fans even suspect that Dimension never intended to release JUDGMENT at all, they just made it to shelve it. With Dimension currently being rocked by the Weinstein scandal, JUDGMENT's future is now even cloudier.

Tunnicliffe hopes fans will get a chance to see his HELLRAISER film soon, and during an interview on the podcast The Movie Crypt, hosted by Adam Green and Joe Lynch, he took the opportunity to talk about the movie for a couple minutes. When asked which HELLRAISER sequel he had the most fun working on, he answered: 

HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT. I had the most fun on that I've ever had, and I've never worked so hard on a HELLRAISER film, but we had a great time. … We did two sequences where, one the actress almost passed out, a scene that you especially, Adam … you are going to freak the f*ck out. I'll tell you off air about it, and when I explain it to you, you're going to be like, 'Jesus Christ.' Really. Involving a small dog.

… No, the dog doesn't get hurt. But it goes through some… trauma. And then we had three grips leave the set during a sequence when they said, 'This is utterly screwed up.'"

I'm ready to see these screwed up sequences as soon as Dimension will allow it, which will hopefully happen on a date not far off. I really want to see HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT get a release, and I also want to see the John Gulager-helmed CHILDREN OF THE CORN sequel, CHILDREN OF THE CORN: RUNAWAY, that Dimension put into production around the same time.

Taylor's JUDGMENT co-stars include Damon Carney as Detective Sean Carter, Randy Wayne as Detective David Carter, Alexandra Harris as Detective Christine Egerton, Jeff Fenter as Karl Watkins, Helena Grace Donald as the ancient Jophiel, Grace Montie as socialite Crystal Lanning, John Gulager as The Assessor, Diane Goldner as The Cleaner, Andi Powers as a member of a hellish jury, Mike Jay Regan as Chatterer, and Heather Langenkamp as a foul-mouthed landlady.

We'll let you know if and when any information becomes available on the release of HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT and/or CHILDREN OF THE CORN: RUNAWAY.

Source: The Movie Crypt

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