Don’t Move: Adam Schindler, Brian Netto directing Sam Raimi-produced horror thriller

It’s a big day for screenwriters T.J. Cimfel and David White. A few hours ago, a trailer was released for the creepy kid movie There’s Something Wrong with the Children (check that out HERE), which was written by Cimfel and White, who previously wrote the 2015 home invasion movie Intruders. Now it has been announced that Sam Raimi is producing the horror thriller Don’t Move, which Adam Schindler and Brian Netto will be directing from a script by Cimfel and White!

Intruders also happens to have been the feature directorial debut of Schindler. Netto’s feature directorial debut was the 2013 horror film Delivery: The Beast Within, which he and Schindler wrote together. Schindler and Netto then became a directing duo when they took the helm of the Grey Cloud Island (Minnesota) episodes of Raimi’s horror anthology series 50 States of Fright.

Don’t Move will follow a seasoned killer who injects a grieving woman with a paralytic agent. She must run, fight and hide before her body completely shuts down.

The film is coming to us from Raimi Productions, Hammerstone Studios, and Capstone Studios. Sam Raimi will be producing alongside Zainab Azizi and Hammerstone’s Alex Lebovici. Schindler and Netto will serve as executive producers with David Haring, Marc Manus, Petr Jákl, and Capstone’s Christian Mercuri. Hammerstone and Capstone are providing the funding, and Capstone Global will handle the worldwide rights.

Raimi Productions and Hammerstone Studios previously collaborated on the action thriller Boy Kills World, which is currently in post-production.

Lebovici provided the following statement: “It’s amazingly exciting for us to reunite with the genre master Sam Raimi, and Zainab Azizi, who yet again have found two extremely talented young filmmakers in Adam and Brian to bring Don’t Move to life. We are honored to be part of such a fantastic project.

Raimi added: “Alex and the team at Hammerstone as well as our friends at Capstone are the ideal production partners as we bring this compelling and twisted tale to light. I am delighted to collaborate again with our co-directors Adam and Brian on this incredibly frightening and tense story full of so many twists and turns – it will deliver a fantastic horror punch to the audience!

Don’t Move sounds interesting to me and I’ll watch anything with Raimi’s name on it, so I will definitely be checking this movie out when it’s release. How does this one sound to you? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Intruders had nothing to do with the slasher Intruder, which had Sam Raimi as a cast member, but here’s a shot of Raimi in Intruder anyway:

Sam Raimi Intruder
Source: Arrow in the Head

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