Don’t Move: Sam Raimi-produced horror film starring Kelsey Asbille acquired by Netflix

The Sam Raimi-produced horror film Don’t Move, starring Kelsey Asbille of Yellowstone, will be released by Netflix

Don't Move Kelsey Asbille

Back in September, the first image from the horror film Don’t Move was unveiled. That’s the image above, which doesn’t show us anything other than the fact that the movie stars Yellowstone cast member Kelsey Asbille. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more about Don’t Move soon, though, because Variety reports that the worldwide distribution rights to the film have been acquired by the Netflix streaming service. A release date has not yet been announced.

Don’t Move is being produced by genre legend Sam Raimi. Adam Schindler and Brian Netto, who directed episodes of the Raimi-produced anthology series 50 States of Fright, directed the film from a screenplay written by T.J. Cimfel and David White, who previously wrote the 2015 home invasion movie Intruders and the recent creepy kid movie There’s Something Wrong with the Children. This film follows a seasoned killer who injects a grieving woman with a paralytic agent. She must run, fight and hide before her body completely shuts down.

Coming to us from Raimi Productions, Hammerstone Studios, and Capstone Studios, Don’t Move is also produced by Zainab Azizi and Hammerstone’s Alex Lebovici. Schindler and Netto serve as executive producers with David Haring, Marc Manus, Petr Jákl, Ruzanna Kegeyan, Sarah Sarandos, Ara Keshishian, and Capstone’s Christian Mercuri. Hammerstone and Capstone provided the funding.

Asbille is joined in the cast by Finn Wittrock of American Horror Story.

Schindler and Netto have said that their goal with Don’t Move was to make an “absolute white-knuckle ride of a film”. Lebovici, who produced last year’s horror hit Barbarian, said to expect it to tell a “visceral, pulse-racing story”. And Raimi described it as a “compelling and twisted tale”, adding, “I am delighted to collaborate again with our co-directors Adam and Brian on this incredibly frightening and tense story full of so many twists and turns – it will deliver a fantastic horror punch to the audience!“ I love the way Raimi hypes things up; saying Don’t Move will “deliver a fantastic horror punch”, describing his film Drag Me to Hell as a “spook-a-blast”, etc. The fact that his name is on the movie makes it a must-see for me.

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Source: Variety

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