Hatchet: Unstoppable Horror anthology comic book is now available

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

While we're anxiously waiting to hear the news that Hatchet franchise creator Adam Green is moving forward with the Hatchet 5 he has been intending to make, slasher Victor Crowley is hacking people up in the pages of comic books rather than on the screen. The latest Hatchet comic book is the one-shot anthology Hatchet: Unstoppable Horror, and you can order an autographed copy from Green at THIS LINK.

Hatchet: Unstoppable Horror is 

a brand new anthology offering three complete new stories for your gore-loving heart – each one highlighting the unstoppable, supernatural nature of Victor Crowley!

This comic was publised by American Mythology Productions. They also publish Hatchet anthology comics around Halloween every year – and yes, Victor Crowley's Halloween Tales #3 is coming this October.

Hatchet: Unstoppable Horror is available with four different covers: 

1.) "Main Cover" by Vincenzo Carratu 
2.) "Fire Variant" by Cyrus Mesarcia 
3.) an American Mythology special "Gore Variant" by The Living Corpse Crew – Buz Hasson & Ken Haeser 
4.) "Limited Edition Bloody Horror Cover" by Vincenzo Carratu- limited to only 350 copies printed! 

These covers can be seen below.

Green first introduced to us to Victor Crowley, played by genre icon Kane Hodder, in 2006. Here's the Wikipedia info on the character: 

Victor Crowley is vengeful spirit of a deformed man who was tragically killed by his father on Halloween night. Victor was conceived through an affair involving his father, Thomas, and Lena, the nurse of his terminally ill wife, Shyann. When Shyann Crowley learned of her husband's infidelity, she placed a curse on the unborn Victor just before she died. As a result of the curse, Victor was born horribly disfigured, and Lena died the moment she laid eyes on him. Thomas raised Victor lovingly despite his deformity, and kept him hidden from the outside world to keep other children from tormenting him. Years later, Sampson Dunston, his brother, and his friend Trent Graves threw firecrackers at the Crowley house to scare Victor out, causing the house to catch fire. Thomas tried to save Victor, but accidentally struck him in the face with a hatchet. Due to the violent nature of his death, Victor became a ghost eternally reliving the night, searching for his father and killing anyone he sees, becoming a local legend.

That local legend makes a bloody mess of people, and it's a glorious sight to behold.

Hatchet: Unstoppable HorrorHatchet: Unstoppable HorrorHatchet: Unstoppable HorrorHatchet: Unstoppable Horror

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