Hellraiser and Wrong Turn alums sign on for anthology For We Are Many

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

The Unkindness of Ravens Lawrie Brewster

Hex Media, the independent production and distribution company behind the films LORD OF TEARS and THE UNKINDNESS OF RAVENS (pictured above), has announced that they are developing a new anthology called FOR WE ARE MANY

a collection of original, international horror shorts inspired by daemonology and the occult.

FOR WE ARE MANY will feature a large selection of horror shorts, each based on a particular demonic entity or occult theme, with an emphasis on intense horror, imaginative practical effects and original stories.

Following the lead of some other recent anthologies, FOR WE ARE MANY will consist of segments directed by multiple different filmmakers. The directors already signed on to contribute a segment include Liam Regan, Brad Watson, Katie Bonham, WRONG TURN 6 writer Frank Woodward, and Nicholas Vince – who played the Chatterer Cenobite in HELLRAISER and HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II.

In addition to established filmmakers, Hex Media is also seeking out new voices in the genre to contribute to the anthology. Founder Lawrie Brewster says: 

We are deeply passionate about seeking out new talent in the horror genre, and helping to provide a platform for those with creative aspirations. Plenty of extremely talented filmmakers are putting out great short content, only for it to languish on YouTube. We thought that, with a little support and collaboration, we could instead give directors the opportunity to be part of something bigger that we hope can act as a springboard for their careers – and make something pretty amazing and unique in the process."

Brewster will be producing the film alongside Alex Harron. Hex Media is planning to release FOR WE ARE MANY on VOD and special edition DVD/Blu-ray in the spring of 2018.

Having seen THE UNKINDNESS OF RAVENS, I'm looking forward to seeing more of what Hex has to offer the genre and this sounds like an interesting project, so I'm on board to check out FOR WE ARE MANY when it's released.

Source: Hex Media

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