Trailer for Lawrie Brewster's The Unkindness of Ravens wings its way online

Last year, filmmaker Lawrie Brewster was behind the Owlman pranks, done in promotion of his film LORD OF TEARS, which featured a mysterious, owl-headed figure. For his latest film, Brewster has turned to birds of a different feather, crafting a "brutal, gory, and emotionally intense" film called THE UNKINDNESS OF RAVENS.

Written by Sarah Daly, the story centers on 

a homeless army veteran besieged by a horde of demonic ravens in the highlands of Scotland.

And while the idea of demonic ravens sounds interesting, it's the movies THE UNKINDNESS OF RAVENS is being compared to that really sells me: it's said to be a cross between APOCALYPSE NOW and THE EVIL DEAD. Yes, I would like to watch this movie right now, please.

It can't be viewed right now, though, because it's still in post-production, and Brewster is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed to finish the process. To help you decide whether or not you'd like to contribute to this campaign, a trailer has been released online and can be viewed below.

It looks very promising, I hope it will reach its $60,204 goal. The campaign also serves as a pre-order for the finished product, so if you'd like to secure a copy, head over there.

Extra Tidbit: How does THE UNKINDNESS OF RAVENS look to you?
Source: Kickstarter



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