Horror Movie Hotties: Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Last Updated on September 18, 2023

Large sums of people are itching to see JURASSIC WORLD this weekend, bringing along their Jurassic Smash Blizzards® and Barbasol shaving cream cans. With all this anticipation, I felt obligated to search for a nice “hot” clip from a film involving DNA-altered dinosaurs. Sadly, I had no such luck, so I’ve decided to with the next best thing: DNA-altered sharks! Same difference, right? Anyway, that’s what you’ll get when you check out the action-thriller DEEP BLUE SEA, an underwater monster flick that’s twice as cheesy as it is self-aware. However, certain things about it still hold up, like this memorable Samuel L. Jackson moment. On top of that, the gorgeous Saffron Burrows strips down to her underwear before electrocuting one of the mutated sharks into a giant fish finger. It’s quite a shock. Enjoy!


Source: AITH

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