Abigail Breslin takes lead in Vincenzo Natali's supernatural thriller Haunter

Man, Abigail Breslin is starting to tally quite the genre resume...

Just two weeks after hearing the Little Miss Sunshine had joined Halle Berry (below) in THE HIVE, it seems Breslin (above) is set to take the lead in Vincenzo Natalie's HAUNTER. The supernatural thriller is being produced by Copperheart Entertainment, with a mid-April Toronto shoot scheduled.

Scripted by Matthew Brian King - HAUNTER is a reverse ghost story that follows Lisa (Breslin), a teenage girl who died under sinister circumstances in 1986 along with her family. Trapped in their house together and unable to move on, Lisa must reach out from beyond the grave to help her present-day, living counterpart avoid the same fate she suffered. Not the worst thing I've heard.

Looks like our main characters will be ghosts, an angle we don't see all that often. How scary it wants to be will be the key, maybe it'll be more of a supernatural drama. Either way, after Natali sort of failed with SPLICE, we can expect the director of CUBE to bounce back in some way. Right? You think he has it in him?

Breslin is currently filming ENDER'S GAME for Gavin Hood, Summit and Odd Lot.

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Natali film?
Source: Variety



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