Theaters announced for next week's Alien (1979) re-release

Next Wednesday is officially ALIEN DAY!

ALIEN DAY for those who don't know is the official day where fans all come together to celebrate all things ALIEN. This always takes place on April 26th. Why? It's a clever call-back to planet LV-426 from Ridley Scott's 1979 masterpiece.

This year's main event will be the theatrical re-release of the original ALIEN in theaters across the nation. Not all theaters mind you, but a ton of them. You can find the full list of participating theaters below.

On top of the joy of re-watching ALIEN on the big screen, peeps who attend the screening will get an exclusive peak at ALIEN: COVENANT and a one-of-a-kind exclusive commemorative ticket.

Tickets are now on sale through Regal. Check to see if your local theater is on the list HERE.

And you can buy tickets HERE.

Unfortunately, there are no theaters playing the flick in my neck of the woods. The closest theater participating is in Orlando. So check the list and if the film is playing in your part of the States, go see it dammit. See it for all of us who can't. Do the right thing.

Then message us [email protected] and tell us all about that exclusive COVENANT footage!

Charlize Theron (aka The Hot Chick from Prometheus Who Can't Run Sideways a Tiny F*cking Bit to Save Her Own Life)

Extra Tidbit: ALIEN is one of my all time favorites that I have yet to see on the big screen. Sigh.
Source: Alien Universe



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