Armie Hammer or Alexander Skarsgard could be Blumhouse's Invisible Man

Universal and Blumhouse's reboot of the Dark Universe of horror movie monsters is all set to kick off this May with filming on UPGRADE and INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 writer-director Leigh Whannell's take on THE INVISIBLE MAN. The title role, of course, was at one point set to be played by SLEEPY HOLLOW and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN mega-star Johnny Depp, but that's obviously no longer the route the filmmakers are looking to take. Instead, it seems that the producers are currently looking at Armie Hammer and Alexander Skarsgard for the lead role of Adrian Griffin:

A billionaire sociopath who made his money by developing an invisibility suit for the Department of Defense.

Armie Hammer and Alexander Skarsgard are two actors that have been trying to become mega-movie stars for years now but always keep missing the mark by THIS much. Hammer has been hammering at the Hollywood A-List since David Fincher's THE SOCIAL NETWORK with high-profile roles in such big-budget flops as THE LONE RANGER, and THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. And Skarsgard has at least struck it big on TV with TRUE BLOOD, but that TV star power has resulted in a film career that includes misfires such as STRAW DOGS, BATTLESHIP, and THE LEGEND OF TARZAN.

This news comes on the heels of word that Blumhouse is looking to cast QUEEN OF EARTH and Jordan Peele's US star Elizabeth Moss in an unknown role in the film as well. In a quick update on that bit of casting, it looks like we now know that the powers that be behind the scenes are courting Moss to play a character named Cecilia Kass. We'll keep up to date on all of this casting and make sure to pass along word once either Hammer or Skarsgard is cast. Until then, make sure to hit us up and let us know what you think of this casting news in the comments section below!



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