Menacing & mysterious trailer/poster enter Boaz Yakin's Boarding School

Writer-director Boaz Yakin in best known for films outside the horror genre such as FRESH, REMEMBER THE TITANS, UPTOWN GIRLS and SAFE. But the man did pen the screenplay for 1989's THE PUNISHER starring Dolph Lundgren. So that's cool. And today it looks like Yakin will be trying his hand at full-on horror later this summer as Momentum Pictures has just announced that they will be bringing Yakin's new horror-thriller flick BOARDING SCHOOL to theaters and On Demand/Digital HD this August. 

And since this is the first I'm hearing about the movie, I can only assume it's the first you're hearing as well. And that's all good as today we have your first look at the film via its official poster and trailer. You can check out both below and then let us know what you think!

The movie stars Will Patton, Samantha Mathis, Luke Prael, Sterling Jerins, Nadia Alexander, Tammy Blanchard, and Lucy Walters and begins:

When troubled 12-year-old Jacob Felsen is sent away to boarding school, he enters every kid's worst nightmare: A creepy old mansion deserted except for six other teenage misfits and two menacing and mysterious teachers. As events become increasingly horrific, Jacob must conquer his fears to find the strength to survive.

At first glance, the film may come across as a kid-horror flick. But the movie scored an R rating from the MPAA for "disturbing violent content, bloody images, some sexual material, and language" so it's a bit more grown-up than I originally thought. Just warning those of you out there with kiddos. Once again, the film will be hitting theaters and On Demand/Digital HD August 31, 2018, via Momentum Pictures.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of the trailer and poster?
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