Check out the first two diseased stills from Barry Levinson's eco-horror flick The Bay!

We haven't talked about Barry Levinson's eco-horror flick THE BAY since April 2011. That's well over a year ago people. What the hell is going on with this thing?

Well we recently got a long-awaited update on this little diddy and that was to announce that THE BAY would be hitting the Toronto International Film Festival next month. To celebrate today we've got two stills from the flick! Actually I'm pretty sure these are the first two stills from THE BAY altogether, so there's that.

Now the new stills can be found above and below and while the above shot is pretty boring and is just a setting shot the picture you see below is a bit more intriguing. In it we've got some chick that looks all kinds of f*cked up thanks to some vicious disease. Alright, you've got my attention! Just scroll away to get a look at the goods for yourself.

The Bay unfolds in the found-footage style as it chronicles a horrifying biological disaster that arises from the Chesapeake Bay -- an isopod parasite that carries an untreatable disease. As it jumps from fish to the humans in a small town, the victims capture the terror on home videos and the web.

Starring Will Rogers, Steven Kunken, Kether Donohue (below), Frank Deal, Christopher Denham and Kristin Connelly, plans are for Lionsgate to distribute THE BAY sometime next year. But I'm sure more updates for this found-footage romp will be rolling our way as we near it's premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival's Midnight Madness event next month, which runs from September 6th through the 16th.

Extra Tidbit: If I'm not mistaken THE BAY will be Barry Levinson's genre debut.



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