Chronicle director Josh Trank in talks to helm Marvel & Sony's Venom movie

Venom...now there's one nasty mofo who deserves his own movie!

And according to The L.A. Times, that may be happening sooner than later. You see, after making loads of duckets with the impressive CHRONICLE, Sony is intent on having director Josh Trank helm a live-action VENOM flick. Last time we saw the character was in SPIDER-MAN 3, played by Topher Grace. Word is Grace is out, and the script by Jacob Estes written years back will be worked by a currently sought after new scribe.

As you know, Sony and Marvel are getting back into the Spidey biz with this summer's release of THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN, so it's a good time to get the VENOM ball rolling as well. The shite's been on Sony's shelf for years, last seeing interest from Gary Ross in 2009, who's since moved on to do THE HUNGER GAMES. Cue Trank, who seems adept at making offbeat superhero flicks on the cheap. Trank and the studio are currently ironing out a deal.

Which brings us to...us. How do we feel about a VENOM movie in general? Is Trank the right cat for the job, based on a single flick? If Grace is out, who you would cast to play VENOM in his stead? Let all fly below!

The new Gwen Stacy, Emma Stone

Extra Tidbit: Emma Stone won me over in EASY-A. That girl's a star!
Source: LA Times



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