Colin Ford will be stuck Under The Dome

We've got some casting news regarding Stephen King and Steven Spielberg's upcoming adaptation of UNDER THE DOME. Colin Ford, best known for his role in the Cameron Crowe comedy WE BOUGHT A ZOO, has signed on to be stranded beneath beneath the titular phenomenon.

Ford will play Joe, a teenager living in Chester’s Mill, a very smart kid who’s understandably freaked out when he discovers that the mysterious barrier covers the whole town — and both his parents are outside of it.

The other talent surrounding DOME is staggering-- Brian K. Vaughn has scripted the first episode which is directed by THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO filmmaker Niels Arden Oplev. For these reasons alone UNDER THE DOME may be the most promising King adaptation of 2012. The thirteen episode series premieres on CBS June 24th, so keep on the lookout for more casting news as it emerges.

Extra Tidbit: Ford has some previous experience dealing with the onscreen supernatural. Literally, he played Young Sam Winchester on SUPERNATURAL. See what I did there?
Source: Deadline



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