Under the Dome and Dexter Season 8 get premiere dates

We've got more television news for you today. Both Stephen King's UNDER THE DOME and season eight of DEXTER have received premiere dates just days apart, ensuring your summer TV allotment will certainly be high on horror.

CBS has announced UNDER THE DOME will be premiering June 24th at 10 pm. We will likely begin seeing trailers for the series hit during the Super Bowl, so be on the look out for those as they hit the net.

Roughly a week later DEXTER is set to begin what many believe will be its final season. The "end game" will begin June 30th at 9/8c, months before its original fall premiere date. As for whether or not the season really will be its last, Showtime president David Nivens had this to say:

"I'm not making any announcements about when 'Dexter' will end. Before 'Dexter' goes on the air for their next season, there will be a clear end game in place, but I can't talk about it. The decision of when 'Dexter' will end is ultimately a creative decision and made on creative reasons."

I'm guessing a marketing push will begin for both programs this spring, so stay tuned in the mean time. While you're at it, feel free to discuss your thoughts on DEXTER ending and DOME beginning this summer.

Extra Tidbit: UNDER THE DOME is being spearheaded by Brian K. Vaughn, the celebrated comic book writer behind RUNAWAYS. Why isn't that a series?
Source: TV Guide



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