Confirmed: Tales from the Hood is getting a sequel

Tales from the Hood

A year ago, I did some digging around online to unearth the fact that TALES FROM THE HOOD collaborators Rusty Cundieff and Darin Scott were teaming up for a new horror anthology in the same vein, at the time called TALES FROM THE CRIB. We haven't heard any official announcements since then, but just a few days ago Cundieff took to his Twitter account to tell his followers that he was doing some location scouting for "TALES FROM THE HOOD 2".

Cundieff later deleted that tweet, but admitted to followers that, while he "can't scream it", he is indeed working on a sequel to TALES FROM THE HOOD.

A casting call that went out last year had the following synopsis on it:

With the maliciously gleeful MISTER MALEVOLENT as our host, we witness an anthology of stories about terrible people who wind up getting a real taste of their own medicine...

Actors Galen Howard, Michael Felix, Melissa Hayden, Salina Duplessis, and Danny Trejo are either known to have worked on the project or at least have it listed on their résumés.

We'll let you know more about TALES FROM THE HOOD 2 / TALES FROM THE CRIB when Cundieff is able to share details.

Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of TALES FROM THE HOOD?



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