Tales from the Crib coming from the makers of Tales from the Hood

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Last week, it was announced that Scream Factory will be releasing a special collector's edition Blu-ray of the 1995 horror anthology TALES FROM THE HOOD on April 18, 2017. That Blu-ray may not be the only thing HOOD fans have to look forward to with excitement, as I have stumbled across some evidence that HOOD writer/director Rusty Cundieff and co-writer/producer Darin Scott have re-teamed for a new horror anthology called TALES FROM THE CRIB.

This evidence appears on the social media accounts of actors who were involved with the project, including Galen Howard, who says he finished working on the film seven weeks ago. TALES FROM THE CRIB is also listed on the online résumés of actors Michael Felix, Melissa Hayden, and Salina Duplessis, with Duplessis mentioning that she acted opposite Danny Trejo.

The most information is revealed through a casting call that was posted on TheDreamUnlocked back in September. According to that, Cundieff and Scott wrote the anthology together and this time share directing duties. Michael Mendelsohn and Jim Steele are listed as producers, with casting director Christine Sheaks also co-producing. The synopsis on the casting call:

With the maliciously gleeful MISTER MALEVOLENT as our host, we witness an anthology of stories about terrible people who wind up getting a real taste of their own medicine...

The casting call also features the breakdowns for the lead characters in the film's segments, which appear to be titled White Flight, Ratters, The Prosecutor, The Samaritan, Mates, Hate Radio, and The Healer. These breakdowns contain SPOILERS for the segments and reveal character fates, so click over to TheDreamUnlocked to see them. One without spoilers is the breakdown for Mister Malevolent:

[MISTER MALEVOLENT] 50 -75 Years old, a play on Rod Serling, an eccentric but articulate man who clearly relishes a good story about bad people, Mister Malevolent is our guide into the Tales of the Crib. He introduces each story and has a few words to say about how they end up... LEAD (1) NAME ACTOR

No official announcements have been made about TALES FROM THE CRIB, but hopefully we'll be hearing more about it soon.

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