Want to see Chucky season 4? Here’s how to show your support for the TV series

Fans who want to see Chucky season 4 get the greenlight can show their support by calling a number and sharing an image

Chucky season 3 just aired its finale last night – but when it comes to genre icons like Chucky, horror fans usually start asking “When is the next sequel coming?” as soon as they finish watching the most recent one… or in this case, they’re asking, “When is the next season coming?” or “Is there going to be another season at all?” Series creator Don Mancini recently said that he has already pitched the idea of Chucky season 4, but it hasn’t been officially ordered yet. But if fans want to show their support for the idea of the show being renewed, there is a way they can let the higher-ups know they want to see Chucky season 4. That came in the final moments of the finale, when Chucky took a moment to announce (in a faux political ad, since the season was set in Washington D.C.) that he’s running for “a fourth consecutive term” and donations can be made by calling 1-201-500-3347.

Our friends at Bloody Disgusting called that number and found that “calling the number will deliver a short message from Chucky to your phone, wherein the horror icon asks you to show your support for Season 4 by sharing an included graphic. From what we gather, Chucky hasn’t yet been officially renewed for a fourth season, but the creative team is hoping that enough fans will show up to make sure it does soon happen. So call that number, share the graphic, and let’s bring Chucky back to television!

That faux political ad can be seen in the embed at the top of this article, and the graphic that fans are asked to share can be seen below.

A follow-up to all of the Child’s Play movies (remake excluded), Chucky picks up where Cult of Chucky left off. Don Mancini, who has written every film in the franchise (except that remake) and directed a few of them, developed Chucky with producer David Kirschner. Mancini and Kirschner are executive producing Chucky with Harley Peyton, Alex Hedlund, and Nick Antosca. While hoping to hear he’ll be able to continue the series, Mancini is also working on a new Chucky movie that would “work in tandem with the TV show.”

Are you a Chucky fan, and will you be showing your support for Chucky season 4 by calling the number and sharing the graphic? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting

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