Cool Horror Gear: The Thing tee from Cavity Colors

The last time we saw Cavity Colors grace our “Cool Horror Gear” section was with their insanely cool t-shirt design for David Cronenberg’s sci-fi classic VIDEODROME. And now they’re back with another sci-fi classic in the form of John Carpenter’s THE THING that highlights one of the greatest moments in horror history with the Norris spider monster. Here’s what artist Aaron Crawford had to say about his design:

John Carpenter’s THE THING was one of the first monster movies I watched as a kid, and the special effects / storyline blew my little mind. The idea of a shapeshifting alien creature getting inside your body and becoming YOU, just to re-populate its own species without being exposed really sorta fascinated me. On top of that, the feeling of despair being isolated in an Antarctic freeze with no escape really toys with your mind.

The special effects by Rob Bottin are also some of the best you can witness with your 20 eyes. Gooeye dripping monster heads with spider legs, deformed dogs with tentacles ripping out of them, and a chest with giant teeth. What’s not to love about this movie!

Here is my tribute to one of the best monster / creature designs ever, the NORRIS spider monster! *this is just one of many THE THING tribute designs we plan to come out with.

Pre-order begins on Tuesday, April 22nd at 4 pm (eastern time). Shirts are limited to only 200 in this colorway. and Posters are limited to only 20. Each signed, numbered. You can get more info at the Cavity Colors website.

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