David Bryant's found-footage thriller Victims gets new name and trailer

Last July our festival man C.Bum gave a favorable review to David Bryant's found-footage thriller VICTIMS. Well, as the flick now seeks distribution, it's been rebranded 89 MINUTES. Peep the new trailer for the joint below!

Before doing so, here's a refresher:

The Groom is snatched by masked kidnappers and thrown in the back of a van, beaten and accused of a heinous crime from his distant past. Over the next tense and terrifying 89 minutes the truth will be discovered and the future of everyone involved will be changed forever.

89 MINUTES is an original take on the found footage genre shot in real time by the kidnappers that pulls you in and doesn’t let go as revelation upon revelation takes you in unexpected directions until the ultimate conclusion. 89 MINUTES is a taught enthralling thriller, written & directed by award winning film maker David Bryant.

Keep close for release news.

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Source: AITH



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