David Dastmalchian and Laura Moss want you to Hide Your Eyes

David Dastmalchian

Even if you don't know the name David Dastmalchian yet, chances are you've seen the actor in films like THE DARK KNIGHT, PRISONERS, ANT-MAN, and THE BELKO EXPERIMENT, or on the TV shows 12 Monkeys, Gotham, and The Flash. The best thing about Dastmalchian getting all these high profile gigs is that, in the interviews I've seen, he seems to be a really cool guy in real life - definitely an actor you can root for.

Being a fan of both Dastmalchian and the horror genre, I am very intrigued to hear he has written a supernatural horror script called HIDE YOUR EYES, a project which is set to begin production in Kansas City this summer.

Laura Moss, director of the short films RISING UP: THE STORY OF THE ZOMBIE RIGHTS MOVEMENT, PORN WITHOUT SEX, and FRY DAY, has been hired to make her feature directorial debut on HIDE YOUR EYES, which will tell the story of 

a young woman from a small Midwest town who unleashes a relentless, unseen entity when she experiments with drugs.

The film is being produced by Mali Elfman and Steven P. Wegner, who Dastmalchian previously worked with on PRISONERS and the upcoming BLADE RUNNER 2049.

HIDE YOUR EYES is a project I will be keeping a close eye on as it continues to come together.

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Source: Deadline



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