Devil May Call gives us a brand new poster!

Since I heard about DEVIL MAY CALL, the new thriller starring Tyler Mane (Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN), I'm always looking for updates on this sucker and today they went live with his official website. Over there you can find the brand new poster (below).

The film was penned by Jason Cuadrado and Wyatt Doyle and is directed by Cuadrado (TALES FROM THE DEAD) and stars Corri English (UNREST), Tyler Mane and Traci Lords (BLADE).

The plot goes like this: “Samantha (Corri English) works at a crisis hot-line where she listens to strangers and helps them deal with their pain. It’s a pain she knows well since the hot-line saved her life once when she lost her sight and didn’t know how to live in a world of darkness. On her last night on the job, Sam receives a terrifying visit from one of her regular callers, John (Tyler Mane) who feels betrayed that she’s leaving him. This man is no ordinary caller. He’s a sadistic serial killer she’s unknowingly been keeping from killing himself for over a year.”

This sounds like fun times, besides Tyler Mane is "tha man" when it comes to playing maniacs, so I'm totally in!

Extra Tidbit: Traci Lords (above) a few years ago!
Source: Devil May Call



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