Eric Balfour finds himself in the Backcountry

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE star Eric Balfour (above) and Nicholas Campbell will be joining Missy Peregrym (below) and Jeff Roop in the Adam MacDonald-directed survival thriller BACKCOUNTRY. Balfour plays a mysterious outdoorsman who may or may not be who he says he is while Campbell plays a world-weary park ranger. I'd be down for solid survival flick, and if what director Adam MacDonald says is any indication, I'd say we are in for a healthy dose of carnage. "My goal is to make the shower scene of bear attacks, one the audience will never forget. I finally have the right team to make this happen. Nothing hits us harder then our primal fears and they will be on full display in Backcountry”. I can get on board with that!  Here's what the flick is about:

Backcountry is a tense thriller about a young couple, Alex, a seasoned camper and Jenn who is … not. After much convincing, Jenn agrees to accompany Alex to his favorite campsite along the secluded Blackfoot Trail. Insisting he remembers the way, they push deep into the wilderness. After three days, their path disappears, then their food, and then their water. Realizing they have entered bear territory, terror is raised to a whole new level. Throughout the entire ordeal, their already fragile relationship is tested to the limit. One of them is humbled by the forces of nature, while the other finds a wellspring of inner strength – but only one makes it back alive.

Shooting began this week in Canada and is expected to go through November 6, 2013. Backcountry is slated for release in 2014 and will be distributed in Canada by D Films. US and international sales will be handled by Event Film.

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