EXCLUSIVE: Tom Savini talks about a possible Deranged remake

Earlier today it was my extreme pleasure to talk to Tom Savini, legendary make-up artist, actor and director. The subject of the conversation, at least initially, was THE THEATRE BIZARRE, the 7-part anthology film that Savini directed a segment of. As is the case with conversations like these, we ultimately wandered off topic and delved into other subjects, including what he's got coming up...

To my surprise, Savini told me that one project on his plate is a remake of DERANGED. For those unfamiliar with the disturbing 1974 original, it's a low-budget, extremely creepy tale of a necrophiliac and murderer named Ezra. The Alan Ormsby-directed, Bob clark-produced movie was inspired by the infamous saga of Ed Gein, and a very young Savini worked on it as a make-up artist. Now it appears he's revisiting the material in a much different capacity.

"I'm supposed to direct a remake of DERANGED, my second film. I'm supposed to direct that in Florida."

When pushed for more, Savini continued, "Well, who knows, I have the script in my hands, I have a budget, I met with [the producers] when I was in Florida last year, so I still have to read it and decide. I have to see if it inspires me, if I read something and all these visual images come in my head as to how I'm going to do it and see it, then I get excited and I have to do it. So if that happens, then yeah..."

Naturally, we'll have to wait and see if this develops into something more tangible, but for now we can imagine the icky possibilities.

The entire interview with Savini will air on next week's edition of the Arrow in the Head Podcast!

Extra Tidbit: Have you seen the original DERANGED?



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