Exclusive: We talk The Predator w/ Boyd Holbrook, Keegan Michael-Key & more!

What a difference a day makes! Thursday morning, prior to the world premiere, THE PREDATOR was highly anticipated in the fan community, and it looked like the Midnight Madness screening would be a victory lap for Shane Black's updated continuation of the saga. Then, as you all know, news dropped about Black hiring a sex offender for a small role, a part that was cut out after Olivia Munn notified the studio. Since then, there's been a lot of back and forth about who supported who and to be sure, it put a damper on the cast interviews, which did not include Munn or Black, both of whom skipped the junket day.

Not knowing the whole story, it was my decision not to bring any of this up in the interviews and to stick to my original plan, which was to ask about the film, as I truly don't think a three-to-four minute junket interview is the proper venue to address something so important. That fact is, I mostly enjoyed the film and still had a lot of fun interviewing the cast, as despite the off-screen drama, all seemed game to talk about the movie, their experience on set, and who they'd like to fight Predators with if given the chance (Jacob Tremblay's answer is the best in my opinion). Check them out below!

Extra Tidbit: THE PREDATOR opens September 14th

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