First look at Ken Marino in comedy-horror Milo

Do you guys and gals remember MILO? It's the comedy-horror coming from director Jacob Vaughan and producers The Duplass Brothers (BAGHEAD) that stars Ken Marino (WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER), Peter Stormare (FARGO) and Gillian Jacobs (COMMUNITY). Ringing any bells? We've shared a bit about this zany sounding flick before, announcing the casting of Marino HERE and giving ya a peek at the AFM sales poster HERE. Ah! Now you remember! Good. Because today we have our first look at a still from the flick, which you can check out below.

According to the official synopsis the movie concerns a man who discovers that his chronic stomach problems are due to the fact that he has a demon baby living in his colon. Here's an extended synopsis for your approval:

MILO follows Duncan (played by Marino), an incredibly stressed man who is plagued with vicious stomach troubles. We’re told that Duncan actually has a demon living inside his intestines, a demon who wreaks havoc internally until Duncan, during a therapy session, gives it permission to come out. Highsmith (played by Stormare), Duncan’s shrink, explains that the demon is the personification of his anxiety. He’s advised to embrace his inner demon and thus names it Milo…

Sounds like it could be a fun little flick. Check out the first image from MILO, which Entertainment Weekly was able to get thier hands on below.

Ok, so not much there. But still, judging by the look on Marino's face there is obviously something terrifying going on, so there's hope this film will have an equal amount of horror as it does comedy.

We'll keep you posted on a trailer, poster, and release date for MILO as we hear it.

Extra Tidbit: Does MILO sound like it might be worth your time?



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