Helmer Jacob Vaughan taps funnyman Ken Marino for dark comedy Milo

Chances are you guys don't know who Ken Marino is, and that is a travesty. The man is hilarious. He's usually found in bit-parts of movies you could probably care less about but thankfully someone out there has seen the potential in this guy and is having him topline a new dark comedy! Natch!

The project I'm getting at is something called MILO and according to Bloody-Disgusting Jacob Vaughan will be helming with Marino starring. Benjamin Hayes assisted Vaughan in writing the script for MILO, which also stars Judy Greer (below) and Peter Stormare. The rundown reads a little something like this:

MILO follows Duncan (played by Marino), an incredibly stressed man who is plagued with vicious stomach troubles. We’re told that Duncan actually has a demon living inside his intestines, a demon who wreaks havoc internally until Duncan, during a therapy session, gives it permission to come out. Highsmith (played by Stormare), Duncan’s shrink, explains that the demon is the personification of his anxiety. He’s advised to embrace his inner demon and thus names it Milo…

Now that synopsis alone sounds pretty damn intriguing but add on to the fact that Marino (above) will be starring and I'm sold. I'm sure most of you need a little more convincing so be sure to keep it here for more on MILO, which is set to start shooting this July in Los Angeles.

Extra Tidbit: Ken Marino is actually one hilarious dude. Don't believe me? Check out Starz's "Party Down."



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