From Dusk Till Dawn is coming back to theatres for its 20th anniversary

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When the Robert Rodriguez / Quentin Tarantino collaboration FROM DUSK TILL DAWN was released in 1996, it rocked my world. I was already a fan of both filmmakers when this project was announced, and the idea of them teaming up to make a vampire movie was very exciting. I went into the theatre extremely hyped, and was not disappointed. When the film hit VHS, I proceeded to watch and rewatch it obsessively, that movie played out on my TV screen multiple times a day - to the point where it became the first movie I ever watched 100 times.

Somehow twenty years have passed since that time, and Fathom Events and Miramax are teaming up to celebrate FROM DUSK TILL DAWN's 20th anniversary with a special two-day event that will include a screening of the movie and an exclusive Q&A with Rodriguez and Tarantino.

It’s nonstop thrills when George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino star as the Gecko brothers - two dangerous outlaws on a wild crime spree! After kidnapping a father (Harvey Keitel) and his two kids (including Juliette Lewis), the Geckos head south to a seedy Mexican bar to hide out in safety. But when they face the bar’s truly notorious clientele, they’re forced to team up with their hostages in order to make it out alive! From Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, the creators of Grindhouse, From Dusk Till Dawn is explosive action entertainment!

See the cult classic back on big screen!

This event, appropriately called From Dusk Till Dawn 20th Anniversary, will be in select theatres across the United States on Sunday, November 6 and Wednesday, November 9.

To see if the anniversary celebration will be showing in your area and to buy tickets, head over to FathomEvents.com. But before you do, check out this trailer for the event.

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